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Christ Church Episcopal Preschool educates young children, creates community among school, families, and church, and honors and nurtures children in the Episcopal tradition. We welcome children aged two to five in small classes where all are affirmed as children of God and are inspired and encouraged to become their best selves—socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually. 

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Scholastic Book Fair Donations to Urban Promise

Jo Harney

All of the proceeds from our recent book fair went to benefit Urban Promise School in Wilmington. We delivered loads of books, selected by their teachers, to the students and their principal, Mrs. Rhonda Raines. Thank you, Mrs. Tuleya and Mrs. Davis, for managing our fair and making these donations possible. The students were thrilled with the new books!

Spanish at CCEP

Jo Harney

Learning Spanish is as easy as uno, dos, tres for Christ Church's three-, four-, and five-year-olds! Since 2016, Christ Church has teamed up with Language University to teach students Spanish through fun! And with each year, more and more parents share stories about their children jumping out of bed on "Spanish Day!" and singing in Spanish at home!

 Lia Andrews, the director of Language U, believes that the key to teaching children a second language is to present lessons as a game. Each week, students sing and dance in Spanish and create labeled crafts that work as perfect study tools (shhhh!!!) at home. And don't forget the games! All of LU's lessons finish off with a thematic activity that features target vocabulary for stress-free learning.

 This week, students will learn their winter clothes vocabulary, and in the coming weeks, they will travel to outer space! Students will finish the year with a graduation ceremony that showcases their knowledge and their love for language. Your child can also learn Spanish with LU's fun (and educational) album, ¡Listos!, which features all of the songs that Christ Church students rock out to in class and at home! For info about LU, please visit, or email us at

Gala News

Jo Harney

We would love for you to join the fun as we prepare for our own Kentucky Derby, Running of the Roses Party on the 3rd of May.   Next week the signup genius will be circulated to you via your class parent representatives.  We need volunteers to assist with setting up and decor, the silent auction, the live auction, checking in guests, checking out, etc.  Also, please consider working with your employer to sponsor our event.  Sponsors are recognized on our promotional materials including the printed and mailed invitations.  

SO, if you’re looking for a way to get involved, please contact Marianne Archbell  or Amy Mihok.   Our success depends on you!

Parenting Class - January 30 at 8:45 AM

Jo Harney

Balancing Technology in Your Family

Please join other CCEP parents in a discussion led by Sue DeCaro, parenting coach, on how to make decisions regarding the use of technology with your children.  This class, to be held on January 30 at 8:30 a.m., will be an honest and open sharing and question session with no shaming or blaming, but lots of support and collaboration.  You are invited to bring a friend—especially one you’d like to introduce to our school culture and our commitment to families. 

Movie Night - January 26

Jo Harney

Please join us for a joint CCCH/CCEP movie night on January 26th at 4 p.m.  The movies will be 101 Dalmatians on the big screen, and Incredibles 2 in the Commons Room.  Children are invited to wear their pajamas and a bring a pillow & blanket or a sleeping bag.  Pizza, snacks, and drinks are included.  Please RSVP to Lynne Jensen.  Movie Night is so much fun!

Christmas Party - December 12

Jo Harney

Please join us to celebrate the season with the 13th Annual CCEP Christmas Party on December 12th from 5 to 7 p.m. We will have child-friendly food, light bites for adults, crafts for families, a Christmas sing-along with Dr. D., and of course, a special visit from Santa. We will provide photographs with Santa at no cost to you. Your whole family is welcome. Please RSVP to Mrs. Gilliam at Sign up to help bring food, set up, or clean up at .

Dropping Off Your Little Ones at School: Some Sage Advice

Jo Harney

First day drop off jitters? Our own Mrs. Stevens gives her perspective on drop off.

As a preschool teacher and a mother I know how hard it is to drop your baby off at preschool that first day! I have worked with children in some way since I was a teenager so everyone thought when I had my own kids it would be "old hat". Well that couldn't be further from the truth. While babysitting and being a nanny did give me experience with certain aspects of parenting, I was not prepared for the emotions! You know that saying about your heart walking around outside your body? Yeah that! Sure I loved the children I cared for, but never this kind of love, protectiveness and to be honest... sheer panic that my husband and I are now solely responsible for this little life!

I stayed home with Lily and I really savored that time together. But when she was about to be 2 I knew it was time to get her into a program, for her to get some socialization with children her age and interaction with other adults outside her little world. (and for me to get a few kid free hours to get stuff done) We researched and found a wonderful preschool about a mile from our home. On the first day of school we were all so excited! That is until it came time for me to leave! The look of panic in her eyes broke my heart and I felt so guilty leaving her. My brain knew this was ridiculous, we fully trusted the recommendations we got from friends. We met and loved the director and teachers. I knew she was going to be fine fact thrive! But boy was that hard. I got down on the floor and started to try to engage her in play, but I knew I needed to go. When I got up to leave she clung to me! With tears in my own eyes I promised her ice cream and a trip to the park after school if she just stayed and played with her new friends. I barely made it down the hallway before I burst into tears.

Later, I was telling this story to a friend who was a "seasoned" mother and she said something that really resonated with me. She said "Girl you need to drop and run! Just hug and kiss her, tell her you love her and walk out the door! As harsh as that sounds you have to realize that she is looking to you to gauge her emotions. If you are crying and hesitant to leave, why would she feel safe? You have to show her that you fully trust the person you are leaving her with and that she will be fine! Its ok to cry but save it for the car!" From the next day on I did just that! I hugged and kissed her and peeled her off of my neck, handed her to her teacher and said "I love you and I will see you after lunch" and walked out the door. The crying stopped (for both of us) after a week or so. She grew to trust and love her teacher and made great friends! And I got to have a guilt free 4 hours!

Meet Your Teacher

Jo Harney

Students and parents are invited to visit their classrooms on Wednesday, September 5 between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m.  This is a great opportunity to become comfortable in the new classroom, chat with the teachers, and meet other families with whom they'll be sharing the classroom experience.  This is a short drop-in visit; plan on about 20-25 minutes.