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505 E. Buck Rd
Wilmington, DE, 19807
United States

(302) 472-0021

Christ Church Episcopal Preschool educates young children, creates community among school, families, and church, and honors and nurtures children in the Episcopal tradition. We welcome children aged two to five in small classes where all are affirmed as children of God and are inspired and encouraged to become their best selves—socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually. 


Annual Fund

Giving At CCEP

Annual Fund

CCEP's outstanding program is made possible through the generosity of parents, alumni, parishioners, grandparents and friends, who recognize the importance of early childhood education.  Our annual fund bridges the gap between tuition and the real cost of educating our children.  Please consider a direct gift to our annual fund and help us provide classroom equipment and supplies, playground upgrades, library acquisitions, teachers' professional development, technology for the classrooms, and much more.  You may donate by clicking below.  Thank you for your generosity!

Thank you to our 2018-19 annual fund donors to date!

Shoshana and Ashley Altschuler

Sharon and Brooks Archbell

Allison and Jason Ayers

Mimi and Steven Bair

Vera and Matt Belger

Nancy and Luke Borda

Allison and Todd Buonocore

John Buonocore

Cathy and John Burris

Kate and Scott Burris

Sue Ann and Michael Burychka

Emma and Frank Cacia

Joyce Chance

Martha and Tom Conaty

Megan and Brian Conaty

Madaline Cullen

Curren Foundation

Kenneth Daws

Joan and Rudy DeSantis

Marie-Eve and Joseph DeSantis

Beth and Larry DeSabatino

Margariet and Hardy Drane

Bradford Dupont

Mrs. Henry B. duPont III

Debbie and David Edson

Erskine Financial Services LLC

Libbie and Sam Fiechter

Nancy and John Fitzgerald

Missy and Michael Flynn

Amanda and Rob Friz

Barbara Jo German

Elly and Carl German

Maria and Daniel Gerrity

Denise Gilliam

Megan and Bill Goeller

Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program

Susan and Chris Grundner

Jo Harney

Michele and Rob Harra

Christine and Justin Haynes

Betsy and Stephen Hershey

Christine and Sam Hirzel

Jane and Bob Hopkins

Jennifer and Brian Hopkins

Colleen and Martin Ingelsby

JLL Community Connections

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Donna and Eugene Julian

Lee Kallos

Joanna Kayiaros

Kirstie Donohue Photography LLC

Alice and Daniel Koerner

Angela and Vasilios Kolovos

Norkie and Mark Kurtz

Language University

Sarah and Ted Lauzen

Jean Lee

Heather and Matthew Lowry

Lindsay Macarthur

Angela and Paul Manieri

Vicky and Matt Martelli

Mary Ellen and Bob Martin

Tilly Maassen

Margot and Mike McConnel

Kelly and Mac Measley

Katherine and Theodore Michell

Dana and Eric Monzo

Cathi Hodges and Fred Moran

Molly and Alan Moretti

Abigail and Kevin Mrozinski

Arin and Frank Nickel

Nor Easter Foundation

Stephanie O’Brien

Marcy and Jonathan Ohliger

Sara and Elliott Perny

Eliza and Blaine Phillips

Heather and John Pierson

Annie and Bill Provine

Dana Robertson

Kelly and Wayne Rubincan

Randy and Murray Sawyer

Julee and Dan Schwieger

Jo Ann and Fred Sears

Laura and Chris Simon

Lisa and Jim Simon

Mary Beth Snowberger

Edie Townsend

Marsh and Al Uebler

Christine and William Ulrich

Katie and Jason Van Druff

Margaret Wagner (in honor of Albert & Marion Lux)

Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gifts

Anne and Richard Wier

Annie and Ian Williams

Amelia and Jack Wyant

In Honor of Caroline's and Michael's Birthday

Haynes Family

Ulrich Family

Stephanie O'Brien

Hopkins Family

Conaty Family

Pierson Family

Nickel Family

In Honor of Mallory H.'s Birthday

Archbell Family

Conaty Family

Monzo Family

Sailer Family