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505 E. Buck Rd
Wilmington, DE, 19807
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Christ Church Episcopal Preschool educates young children, creates community among school, families, and church, and honors and nurtures children in the Episcopal tradition. We welcome children aged two to five in small classes where all are affirmed as children of God and are inspired and encouraged to become their best selves—socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually. 


Early Childhood Focus

Early Childhood Focus

Two preschool boys reading and laughing on classroom rug

a place for the littles

We focus on early childhood and preschool education exclusively. Each year, we educate and nurture 65 preschoolers aged 18 months to 5 years. Focusing on early education allows us to create a unique, gentle environment specifically fitted to the needs of our young learners.

Play based learning and relational skills are developed together under the guidance of our teachers.

leadership skills

Because we are a stand-alone preschool that ends in Pre-K, our Pre-K students are the oldest in the school. They are the ‘big kids on campus’, something that most won’t experience again until they’re at least 5th graders. It’s a mantle they take seriously.

It’s common to see the Pre-K students helping the younger students or thinking about how to set a good example.

In addition, we give the Pre-K students new responsibilities and opportunities. At chapel, a Pre-K student leads the procession each service. At Christmas, the they dramatize the Christmas story. In the spring, they perform a class musical, such as Stone Soup.

Watching our students grow in their confidence and leadership is one of the most fulfilling parts of being a teacher at Christ Church Episcopal Preschool.

an opportunity to choose

Joyful toddler girl climbing on playground equipment

Unlike many other early education programs, our children move to other schools after Pre-K. Many of our parents see this as an important benefit. It gives them the opportunity to make a fresh choice for kindergarten and beyond and to separate the preschool experience from the rest of their child’s academic career.

Our parents take full advantage of this opportunity and send our graduates to a wide array of schools. Over the past ten years, our graduates have attended the following types of schools in these proportions:

  • 1/3 public schools

  • 1/3 independent schools

  • 1/3 religious schools

We love that these proportions have been so consistent. It creates a type of diversity in our community that is difficult to name, but is important nonetheless.

When parents of alumni are surveyed, they tell us that their children are thriving in elementary school because they are well-rounded, curious, and over-prepared academically.

They are ready to learn.